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AlbatrossBoatsnBits Project

Project AlbatrossBoatsnBits

Initial Goal $3000

By 28th February 2017 Helping Hand

Hi there

Welcome to AlbatrossBoatsnBits, Our project intially needs funding to complete the purchase of our fleet of 3 small demonstration boats comprising a 2.4m Car Topper dinghy, 3.7m clinker dinghy and a 4.5m transom stern canoe. Our next goal is to purchase 2 x 12m containers and a container shelter for our workshop and practical training area, this phase also includes the purchase of smaller shelter to be setup and used as a self-contained spray booth.

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Unique and Interesting Project

This is a rather unique project in that it's not only being set up to build our range of small boats but will also focus on providing community access to a small working boat shop where people of all ages can come and participate in not only building small craft and learning how to operate them, but at the same time learning new skills and making new friendships along the way. As already stated our range of small craft includes a 2.4m pram dinghy that can be easily be transported on top of your car, our 3.7m Clinker dinghy can be setup for use with an outboard or sail, our 4.5m transom stern canoe or the slightly longer conventional canoe (pointed both ends), is ideal for fishing sheltered waters or just exploring, the canoes can also be fitted with an outrigger, or if you're into something a little bigger maybe our 5.8m centre console skiff might be more your cup of tea.   We don't know, you tell us... Join Us, Support Us (link) Get involved...

Using boats as a learning tool provides great opportunities for learning new skills and the best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty, then when all the work is done... Taking the boat out on the water for the first time... This is something that needs to be experienced, just the joy of being out on the water in your boat, the one you just completed... The Pride, the Thrill, the Joy & excitement that comes with launching day... WOW, we can't wait to share this day with you!

Boats are our Passion, sharing the knowledge and skills of what we do, is part of that Passion. The skills centred around boat building using wood and composite materials provides a very sound basis for the development of many other skills that can be used in many other areas, including home and industry as well as developing confidence and a great sense of self worth and satisfaction, in being able to say I built that.

AlbatrossBoatsnBits  No:1
AlbatrossBoatsnBits  No:1

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If someone isn't sure what they'd like to go into, working around boats can provide access to a very wide range of skills from woodwork, carpentry, joinery, tiling, plumbing, polishing, cutting, welding, composites, sheet metal work, electrical etc, etc. Although access to some of the skill areas mentioned isn't available at this time, it is planned that in the future a very broad range of skills can be offered that will enhance access to a wide variety of skills in a safe learning environment.

Some of the skill areas might be offered in a short intense coarse over a weekend or maybe several weekends depending on what's needed to complete the required skill level. Others may require longer periods, to attain the required knowledge and skill set. The main idea here is to make available access to wide variety of skills working with instructors that want to share their knowledge.

Summarising what we're trying to achieve... When you join us, your support will be helping to provide:

  • A place where a range of small practical boats can be built, either by you (cost of materials + 50% instruction time) or by us and sold direct to the public from the builder, and in return we will...
  • Provide access for the community to a small working boat shop.
  • Participation in programs designed to broaden and enhance life skills
  • Access and training in the proper use of equipment, materials & access to a wide variety of skills and knowledge that will enable the development of many different skills from team work, personal growth, boat handling, both power & sail, rope work, the correct use of hand and power tools while working on various projects under the supervision & guidance of instructors using boats as the learning tool.
  • Further you will be helping with the establishment of a unique community centred training facility where participants can develop practical skills in small craft construction, boat maintenance & operation, and if desired, formal training to a Cert 3 in Boating Services skill level will also be available.

Here at AlbatrossBoatsnBits we work in wood, composites and other materials used in and around boats and the maintenance of boats. The skills developed here will allow people to maintain their own boat and if the theory side is completed to the Cert 3 in Boating Services std in addition to the practical skills, would allow people to work in the marine industry maintaining boats.

The skills learnt here are also valuable throughout industry and can be applied to maintenance around the home and workplace.

All our skills training is based around practical work using hand and power tools, composite materials, timber products and other materials commonly found on boats and very often these same skills and materials can be applied in many other areas as well.

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The Dream, The Goal, The Passion

To achieve the realisation of this Dream/Goal/Passion and set all this in place, funding is required that will allow the purchase/acquisition of:

  • The 3 vessels to be used as Demonstrators for our products. ($3000)   -  
  • Two 12m ( 2 x 40ft High Cube) Containers to be used as storage, workshop & office space. (From $2500 ea including transport)   -  
  • An Over Container Shelter to allow for all weather operation. ($11500)   -  
  • A 9m x 8m shelter that will be used as a self contained spray booth.($5000 + shipping)   -  
  • Various machinery to allow cutting, shaping, thicknessing etc to be carried out. ($20000)
  • Several welders are also needed, plus a drill press and other small items of machinery, as well as additional hand tools for use by trainees etc.

On a personal level, why does this project mean so much.   For many, many years boats have held more than just a little fascination that has remained stead fast, irregardless of living near the sea or so far inland, that it would be easier to throw a kilo of salt in a bucket of water to get the salty air and water effect... that it would have to make one wonder what it is that keeps the interest there let alone getting stronger year by year, but all the while the fascination holds and the desire to get more and more involved with all things nautical becomes stronger.

So today this is the Passion that drives me every day to bring my love of all things nautical, from designing, building and operating small craft to sharing this with as many people as possible through community involvement such as volunteer work with Sailability, training programs some of which are in developmental stages right now haven't even seen the light of day.

Turning the whole project into reality is closer now than it has ever been and as of the end of 2016 almost everything that was ever required to make the goal of boat building a reality was realised when access to 4 different boat moulds was made available.

Sharing this passion for boats and all things nautical with the community and other interested groups now hangs in the balance, until a suitable place to operate from can be setup and/or found.

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One of the most important things right now is actually having a place to work from, a place that can be setup with not only boat building in mind but also a place where practical training can be carried out alongside and in conjunction with boats made to order, a place where people can come and learn a new skill or refresh some old ones, that could mean, building their own boat from one of our moulds or building a kit boat or even starting from scratch or just learning the skills to repair and maintain a boat.

Going out on the water and learning how to operate a boat properly is another aspect that will be available through our facility, along with programs that teach various aspect of boating from docking, ropes work, composite repair, woodwork and repair, sailing and many other associated nautical activities.

Another idea that involves the community is to build a number of St Ayles, 4 oared ocean rowing skiffs and forming an Incorporated ocean rowing club, there are currently several clubs here in Australia and this is a great way of learning new skills and being part of a community with likeminded people. The process here would include raising funds to buy materials, then build the boats from scratch under the guidance of our instructor/trainer.

After the skiff/s have been built you get to go out in the skiff/s and learn how to row them, you also learn how to maintain them, and all the while you have great community interaction, make new friends and have the opportunity to participate in competitions in other places around the world.

So in summary our immediate need is to raise funding to purchase what's listed below:

  • 3 boats used as demonstrators. $3000)
  • 2 x 12m (40ft High Cube) Containers($5000-6000)
  • 1 x Over Container Shelter ($11500)
  • 1 x 9m x 8m shelter to be used as self contained spray booth ($5000)
  • Various machinery and hand tools.

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