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ABnB Helping Hand Project

Initial Goal $3000

By 28th February 2017 Helping Hand

Welcome to the Helping Hand project

My name is Dennis Phethean, toward the end of 2016 a chance to follow my dream/passion of building boats became a reality when an opportunity to use the moulds from which the 3 boats shown below, was offered to me. On the condition that the moulds be available when needed and be looked after and kept in working order.

Advanced Trade Training Centre (ATTC) on the Gold Coast was the business that owned the moulds and closed down in December 2016 and the owners are now retired. As a result of the closure 3 small boats that were built by students of ATTC also became available and it is these 3 boats a 2.4m pram type dinghy, a 3.7m clinker dinghy, trailer and outboard, and a 4.5m transom stern canoe, for which the funding is now being sort.

Your Helping Hand is requested to help raise $3000 that will make the purchase of these 3 small boats possible, from which the basis of our demonstration fleet can be completed and also help with honouring an agreement that was made with Mr Alan Brown of ATTC to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude, for his mentorship, encouragement and guidance that has allowed me the opportunity to step into my passion and begin the journey as a boat builder which has been many, many years in the making.

The funds will be used to Pay Alan for the 3.7m Clinker dinghy, trailer and outboard motor and also to cover the cost of materials used to build the 2.4m dinghy and 4.5m Transom stern canoe that were built just before Alan and John the owners of ATTC shut up shop. Considerable work has gone into preparing moulds and other bits and pieces needed to get things ready to begin building these boats.

The closure of ATTC in Dec 2016 was unfortunate and a couple of really fantastic guys Alan Brown & John Henderson both of whom I can never thank enough for their generosity have walked away from what was the better part of 20 years of instructing and sharing their knowledge with students of which I was one and now it's my turn to share my knowledge & passion with students, the community and anybody who's interested.

The raising of $3000 by the end of the month (28th Feb 2017) is stage one of a much larger project. Not only will these 3 beautiful little vessels be purchased, but the development of the business can continue and this leads onto stage 2 which is the purchase of 2 x 12m high top containers, an Over container shelter and a smaller shelter that will be used as a self contained spray booth. (See below)

ABnB Containers and Over Container Shelter workshop
AlbatrossBoatsnBits Proposed Workshop Layout
AlbatrossBoatsnBits Self Contained Spray Booth

So this then is the first stage of a much larger project that will not only see our own small craft being built, but also provide a wide variety of training and community programs that will be introduced over the next 12 months providing access to a variety of maritime activities from boat building to seamanship and everything in between.

How can you exercise your Helping Hand? Ideally, ordering one of our boats would be a great way to lend a Helping Hand, however not everyone wants or has need of a boat. By the way our boats are very reasonably priced, starting with the AlbaTrossBnB Explorer 45 Fisher a Transom Stern Canoe at $597, then there's our AlbaTross CarTopper 24 PRAM dinghy which would make a great little tender for a bigger boat or a great little fishing dinghy for sheltered water ways.

Lastly our AlbaTross NorFolk 37 Clinker dinghy at $1997, boat only, which can be set up for outboard use, or it can be set up as a sail boat, which is what it was originally at $5997 including trailer.

Obviously we don't have these boats just sitting around, they would need to be built and that takes time, however if you're really interested in having one of our boats built, please make sure you call and have a chat to us about what you require and something can be worked out.

The easiest option is the obvious one, just pitch in and give us a Helping Hand it will be very much appreciated indeed. So listen if you think this is a really good thing to do lending a Helping Hand, please make sure to stay in touch, we would really like to do something in return for your support. We just need to find out what that something is. Make sure you visit our web site at AlbatrossBoatsnBits and leave your name and email, we'll never share it or sell it to anyone, that's our guarantee, or you can find us on Facebook at AlbatrossBoatsnBits is on Facebook

At this time I'd like to take the opportunity to offer a very personal Thank you, what ever you decide to do, we really appreciate that you took the time and effort to drop by and actually see what this is all about...   If you decide that you would like to give a Helping Hand what ever you decide you can chip in would be very much appreciated and it would be an honour knowing that you decided to give us a Helping Hand.  
Thank you

Kind regards

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