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Initial Goal $3000

By 28th February 2017 Helping Hand

Hi ...

The purpose in writing to you personally is to ask for your help in raising $3000 which is the first stage in a much bigger project that involves raising funds to purchase, the following.

  • 3 x Demonstrator Boats ( 1 x 2.4m Pram Dinghy, 1 x 3.7m Clinker dinghy, boat trailer, outboard & 1 x 4.5m Transom stern canoe)
  • 2 x 12m containers (workshop, storage and office)
  • 1 x Over container shelter (Fabric)
  • 1 x Smaller fabric shelter (self contained spray booth)
  • Various machinery

The AlbatrossBoatsnBits Helping Hand campaign was launched on Go FundMe to begin raising funds that will be used to setup a small working boat shop and a place that can be used for training in a live working boat shop situation. Setting this up will be the realisation of a long held dream/passion for boats, boat building, seamanship and maritime things in general, you could even say that I am completely boat nuts.

What this is about is setting up a place where skills can be developed using boats as the tool of skill building in both theory and practical from complete beginner to very advanced in an environment that is focused on providing access to the appropriate training that will provide trainees with skills to work in the marine, automotive and aviation industries to name just a few.

Working with an RTO Certificate II & III in boating services will be available and an Advanced Trade Diploma is in the pipeline. Personally I'm working on my Cert IV Trainer/Assessor Certificate as well as setting up the business.

There are 3 aspects to what I am trying to do here, boat building, certified training and community programs aimed at all age groups with a broad range of programs from basic seamanship, boat handling & building to advanced trade level and many other maritime related subjects in between.

This all became a reality when an opportunity to use the moulds from which the 3 boats shown above, was offered to me when the training establishment I was working with closed down in December 2016, use of the moulds is on the condition that they be available when needed and be looked after and kept in working order.

The owners of the training business that owned the moulds have retired. As a result there were 3 boats that had been produced through the course of training that were in various stages of completion. They are the 2.4m pram dinghy, a 3.7m clinker dinghy, trailer and outboard, and a 4.5m transom stern canoe.

The boats listed above now form my demonstration fleet and the arrangement I have with the owners of the training centre is that I will purchase the 3.7m clinker dinghy, trailer and outboard, and pay for the materials used to build the other 2 boats so that I have boats that can be used as demonstrators now, this allows me to start showing the boats and taking orders for new boats now.

If you decide to lend a Helping Hand it will be very much appreciated indeed. The old saying goes many hands make light work and in this case that's very true, so your $10, $20, $30 or $50 Helping Hand would really help to make light work of this, the first of 3 stages in raising funds for this project.

If you would like to find out more please visit AlbatrossBoatsnBits. Please leave your name and email, so I can keep you informed about the project, your info will never shared or sold to anyone, that's my personal guarantee, you can also find us on Facebook at AlabtrossBoatsnBits on FaceBook

I would like to Thank you very much for taking the time to consider lending a Helping Hand, whatever you decide, I really appreciate that you took the time and effort to drop by and actually see what this is all about... $3000 isn't much, but right now that's just not something that's lying around waiting to be used. If you decide that you'd like to lend a Helping Hand whatever you can chip in will be very much appreciated and it will be an honour knowing that you decided to lend a Helping Hand. Thank you

Warm regards

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