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WHY AlabtrossBoatnBits?

The Albatross is found far out at sea over every ocean around the world, there are many types of Albatross, many on the endangered list, so what you might ask has this to do with anything. The Albatross was choosen as the symbol for AlbatrossBoatsnBits because it symbolizes the fortitude that is required to survive in some of the harshest and remotest environments found anywhere in the world out over the ocean far from land.

ABnB Hours

  • We're open from 0800-1600 Monday - Thursday. 0800-1200 Fridays. Barbeque lunch 1230-1400, please let us know if you'd like to join us.
  • Saturday is Community day were our doors are open to the community to in with small projects and have us help you with your project, the only cost being for materials, or perhaps you'd like to form a group and build a boat that's shared amongst group members when finished or sell it and donate the proceeds to help somebody in your community, or maybe we can have kids/adults groups, were we teach you how to build a small wooden boat, then teach you how to look after and use it? etc.
  • The second semester commences the first Mid July and concludes one week before Christmas.
  • The third semester commences on the first Monday in February and concludes at the end of June.

Our Focus

At Albatross Boats n Bits we want to focus on helping the community

Boats completed by students during the program will be available for use by the students provided they have the appropriate licence. Students will have the opportunity to acquire a boat licence during the program. Students may also purchase boats made at the Centre. The usual cost is materials plus 20%. All craft are sold as student projects.

Course cost

The cost of the diploma is set by the Queensland Government by prescribing the cost for each unit of competency. The total cost will change from time-to-time because of Government regulation. The current cost for the full diploma is $8000 per semester. A full diploma will cost $24,000. VET- FEE help will be available for students who wish to defer payment for the program until they are earning over $50,000 per year.

Student Equipment

Students attending the diploma program will need to provide the following:

  • A lap top which is capable of loading Auto Cad and Inventor Professional. Both of these programs can be downloaded free from Auto desk for accredited students
  • Microsoft office
  • Steel capped work boots
  • Long sleeve cotton work shirt and long trousers for welding
  • Self darkening welding helmet
  • Welding goggles
  • Pens and note books

Student projects can be purchased by students at a cost of materials plus 20%.

“By the year 2020 95% of Ph.D. graduates will be working in Asia. This means that the majority of Research and Development will be done in Asia which in turn means that most of the world’s investment dollars will be spent in Asia. Anyone who thinks that this will not greatly impact on Australia has not put much thought into it”.

Bis Shrapnel report 2012

Advanced Trade Training Centre (ATTC) blends modern marine design, composite boat building, and computer aided manufacturing techniques to develop a person who will be able to work in the current environment while developing contacts and computer aided manufacturing techniques to use Chinese manufacturing capacity. The Centre bridges the gap between theory and practice to provide graduates with the skills and understanding necessary for current employment opportunities and future career growth, whatever that might be.

Young people in the past could reasonably expect to gain their training through the apprenticeship system. This is no longer the case because the number of available apprentice places has greatly diminished and will continue to do so.

“It is a disaster for those who have gone to the trouble of getting a university degree because they find in reality there are very low job prospects.” Australian Financial Review. 9 August 2014

Australia cannot avoid the massive swing toward the dominance of the Chinese economy. The major portion of world capital investment dollars will move even quicker to China over the next decade. Advances in manufacturing technology will follow the investment dollars.

Employment in Queensland is overwhelmingly with small business. 95% of small businesses in Queensland employ 8 or less people and this is going to be a real problem when competing in a world economy. Small companies struggle to keep their doors open let alone be able to divert income into investment to keep up with world trends and consequently, over time, they will succumb to Chinese competition. The car manufacturing industry in Australia is a classic example of world competition impacting on a small market.

The trick is to use this manufacturing capacity in China and not be overawed by it. The Diploma program will set you on a pathway to obtaining world skills which will enable you to do this. Below are some of the boats and deck hardware built and maintained by students

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