Welcome to AlbatrossBoatsnBits, creating beautiful handmade Boats for boat owners by boat owners, doing what we love doing every day...


Welcome to AlbatrossBoatsnBits

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AlbatrossBoatsnBits creating beautiful boats, blending modern marine design, composite boat building and computer aided manufacturing with traditional styling... All our boats are manufactured in Australia.

Each boat is individually handcrafted and built to ORDER ensuring that each boat is built to the highest Quality possible. The BayCutter52 Centre Console, BayCutter37 Outboard dinghy, BayCutter24 Car topper dinghy & the BayCutter15 transom stern canoe.

While AlbatrossBoatsnBits focuses on building boats to ORDER we also offer a range of programs from basic boatbuilding to more advanced boatbuilding including wood & composite boats.

Our programs have been designed for people interested in developing and improving their skills, the initial program is our Introduction to Boatbuilding using our BayCutter24 Car Topper Dinghy Kit. In our Introduction to Composite program you'll build either the BayCutter37 Outboard Dinghy or BayCutter15 Transom Stern Canoe.

Our third program is a community centred program were we get involved in fund raising, form an Ocean rowing club and build a St Ayles 4 oared Skiff

Introduction to Boatbuilding
Introduction to Composites
Advanced Boatbuilding Program

The reason we build boats is:

  • Because boats are interesting things to build
  • Because boats provide a great opportunity to work in 2D and 3D
  • Because boats provide both curved and flat pack experience
  • Because boats offer a wide variety in materials and techniques
  • Because boats tap into such a wide range of skills

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Our Mission at AlbatrossBoatsnBits (ABnB) is to design, develop & build high quality affordable boats and marine products for the world.

To share our enthusiasm for all things maritime by involving people through innovative programs designed to encourage participation in learning and doing using hands on learning methods that encourage Self Development, Self Worth and a Sense of Purpose and Passion.

We are dedicated to helping people find their Dreams, Goals, Passion & Purpose in Life.
What do you want to Achieve?

St Ayles Skiff Plan


At AlbatrossBoatsnBits (ABnB) we learn by doing. This is a very simple and extremely effective approach to learning. We combine practical workshops and theory (optional) designed to help people have a better understanding of why certain processes are needed to achieve a given result, you will develop practical skills and intellectual know how that will enable you to achieve better results.

We encourage learning through traditional skills and methods before introducing more modern methods, our instructors ensure that you have a good practical understanding allowing you to successfully complete your projects.


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